The Tawashi Brush

What is a tawashi brush? And what on earth do you do with these little critters? Tawashi brushes have been a sink-side staple in Japan for years. They are naturally abrasive without being scratchy which means they are perfect for cleaning vegetables or pots and pans. They soften slightly in the water and are able to tackle any range of household tasks. Tawashi brushes fit perfectly in your palm allowing you to add just as much or as little elbow grease as the task required. 

The Lucky Hedgehog tawashi brushes are made in Sri Lanka from coconut fibres which makes them ecologically-friendly and biodegradable. No plastic here. The coir is gathered from coconut husks after the flesh has been used for food. Best of all, if you rinse your tawashi brush and allow it to air-dry between uses, it should keep going for years.